søndag 21. desember 2014

I want to wish all my folllowers a MERRY CHRISTMAS

I want to wish all my followers a MERRY CHRISTMAS.

 I was born with a great enthusiasm and a creative mind.
 I can not imagine a day without creating something with my hands.
 I see new ideas everywhere and I find a childish pleasure in making totally useless things, that decorates and bring joy to the room, and at the same time does not cost a dime. Such as the paper Christmas trees I show today;)
 I also want to say that I am inspired by all of you who visit my blog. 
Visitor numbers are large and many from the United States and other parts of the world are stopping by my blog every day.
 Today, my daughter helps me translate, so that I can give a big thanks to everyone who uses their time to look into and read my posts! Big thanks to every one of you!

An old book turned into a christmas tree. You can find the recipe on youtube. 

 This star is made out of twigs from a bush in the garden.

Two small trees out of a single piece of paper.


Paper tree turned into a Christmas greeting card.

 A smart tip if you wanna make use out of the cold winter weather, 
Put water into waterballoons and put them in the freezer,.
And then  remove the ballons...:)

Thank you and welcome back.
Christmashugs from Anne paa landet.

2 kommentarer:

  1. Så koselige bilder, flinke deg Anne!!
    Ønsker deg og dine fine juledager :)

  2. Beautiful pictures as usual!!

    Merry Christmas to you!

    Hope to see you next year!

    We are celebrating Christmas at Paradis!